NBA 2K19‘s shelf-life may be ending with 2K20 releasing in a few months, but changes are still being made to this year’s game. One change, however, has received a massive amount of blow-back from 2K players, as unskippable ads have been introduced to the game.

NBA 2K Ads

This past weekend on Reddit, a thread was created with a user posting an image of an ad being shown while a game was being loaded. According to the user, the thread was unskippable, and several NBA 2K players chimed in and voiced their displeasure.

(Photo taken from Reddit)

One user wrote, “Yeah this is ridiculous, I can’t claim the PD Dirk I finally got to bid on but they can throw an ad on the loading screens. Very cool.” You can read the whole thread for yourself here (friendly warning that it does include some colorful language).

On Twitter, more users vented about the addition of unskippable ads in NBA 2K19. Check out some of those tweets:

We’ve reached out to 2K as to whether this feature will be implemented permanently, and we will update this article should we hear anything from them. However, if you want to avoid these type of ads, go to your game settings and shut off 2KTV, as some individuals wrote that this will fix it.

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