NBA 2K fans can now get excited about a new way to find locker codes. Forbes has reported that Ryan Russel, the creator of, created a new app on Android and iOS; the app has been available for fans to check out for about a week.

Locker codes are popular among NBA 2K MyTEAM fans as NBA 2K releases free stuff each month. They release multiple codes each month as fans must stay up to date on when new codes come out. Now fans will have a place that will help them avoid missing out on free codes.

What the NBA 2K Locker Code App Can Do

Russel created the free app as a one-stop-shop for fans to get updates when 2K releases their locker codes. The app guarantees that gamers will never miss an update on locker codes. Gamers will receive notifications on locker codes on their phones as many would if they received a text or social media notification.

If fans don’t want the app, they can check for updates on their desktop website at Fans can also get updates on the locker codes through the NBA 2K MyTEAM Twitter page.

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