Over the years in the NBA 2K series it always felt like players in the game can do much more than what they can achieve in real life. No one is more true for this case then the 2K GOAT that is known as JR Smith. In real life, Smith is an unreliable heat check scorer at best, but in 2K you can easily make him a consistent 18-20 PPG scorer through an entire season. It seems the NBA 2K16 roster development team has added some fail safes to ensure those type of inflated rating experience will be toned down for 2K16. Check out the video above for details on NBA 2K16’s new Hall of Fame Scale rating system.

The new ratings system compares current players vs the all time greatest players. As a result, Lebron isn’t rated 98 or 99, and is instead a 94. Subsequently, Pau Gasol is rated at 86, and Al Horford, 83.

So, let’s look at how that breaks down to the current roster:

38 players are rated 80 to 85.

19 players are rated 86 to 90.

Finally, only 6 players are rated 90 to 100.


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