We have more NBA 2K16 Tips for you guys today breaking down the 7 Seconds freelance offense.

  • Offense is designed to score fast and create quick actions along with good spacing to set up shooters.
  • It is a 4 out offense hybrid between 4 out motion and the Pace offense that offers balance of off ball action and PnR.
  • In order to initiate the offense Hit R1/RB on offense and choose 7 seconds for halfcourt freelance on the 4th page.
  • Choose either Freelance or Motion for your cuts. Do not choose Space the Floor


  • You can run the offense through a particular player, choose pick and roll, or get shooters open.  It is all preference.
  • Shoot at will – This is very important if you want to initiate the fast break offense
  • All other POE’s are optional

How to run the offense:

1. Bring the ball up in less than 4 seconds.  If you see the arrow then you initiated it.  You can then either pass it to the opposite wing or hold the ball for a pick and roll with great spacing!

2. If you cannot get the ball up fast enough then simply pass the ball to the opposite side of your center.  This will initiate multiple actions and will be based off your POE’s, whether or not you use freelance or motion, and the players you have on the floor.  Here are some options:
A) Opposite wing will screen away for a shot.
B) You can initiate a hand off with the opposite wing or dribble to top of the key for another screen for your corner guard
C) Reversal which leads to multiple other actions including a double pindown for a big, off ball screen leading to a PnR right afterwards, or a high post/hand off isolation action.
D) Big will occasionally come up for a PnR at any time depending on your POE’s, spacing, and personnel.

3. Start your offense in the corner.  Push the ball up court and either dribble to the corner or pass to the corner and this can initiate the corner actions which include:
A) Away screen to big then a Corner PnR
B) Double down screen for opposite post
C) Down screen to PnR with a guard
D) Down screen to a shot with a guard

Go to scrimmage and make sure to watch the video to get a better understanding of the freelance offense.  It is also recommended to have a few money plays to run to keep your opponent confused. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and check SGO daily for more NBA 2K16 Tips!

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