This week’s NBA LIVE 16 roster update is here, and that means changes are inbound. You can find the rundown from EA Sports below. For a more complete look at this roster update, check out the website.

Going Up:

  1. Kyrie Irving – OVR 87 (+4) – Irving has been really hitting his stride heading into All-Star break.
  2. Aaron Gordon – OVR 80 (+4) – Gordon has been a breakout player for the Magic this year as his role continues to expand.
  3. Kyle Lowry – OVR 87 (+4) – When Lowry plays well, the Raptors win. He’s been playing excellent all-around basketball.
  4. John Wall – OVR 90 (+3) – Wall has been on fire, and will play through a knee injury in the All Star game.
  5. Gordon Hayward – OVR 82 (+2) – Hayward has come up huge for the Jazz in clutch moments.

On the way down:

  1. Jusuf Nurkic – OVR 76 (-3) – Nurkic was struggling but recently had a breakout game against the Pistons. We see his rating going back up.
  2. Andre Drummond – OVR 88 (-2) – He’s been a little quiet scoring-wise, but still continues his dominance rebounding.
  3. Tony Parker – OVR 84 (-2) – Parker simply doesn’t stuff the stat sheet like he used to.
  4. Chris Bosh – OVR 85 (-2) – He hasn’t been as dominant lately and will miss the All-Star game due to injury.
  5. Channing Frye – OVR 74 (-2) – With the emergence of Gordon, Frye is back to the bench for the Magic.

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