A YouTuber that received a special package from Take-Two leaked out some new details regarding NBA 2K21, including a change to The Neighborhood.

NBA 2K21 Leaked News

YouTuber Troydan posted a video on social media that featured him receiving a package from the NBA 2K team. The package featured promotional material hyping the release of NBA 2K21, but censored out some of the details.

The package, which featured ‘2K21‘ with a line of tape through the logo on the cover, revealed that the NBA 2K21 cover athlete will be announced in July 2020. 2K Day, when the annual game is released, is scheduled for September 2020.

In addition, NBA 2K Next Level, which likely refers to when NBA 2K21 will drop for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, will happen sometime during the Holiday 2020 season.

One other interesting takeway from Troydan’s video was that ‘The Neighborhood’ will go by a different name. A second flyer in the package stated that The Neighborhood will go by a different name for 2K21, but the new moniker for the mode was censored by a black line.