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New Features of MLB The Show 16 Revealed

Game Informer showcases some new MLB The Show 16 features including marketplace options and Road to the Show changes in this new video.

The marketplace is new to MLB The Show 16. Previously you would have to buy packs and try to get lucky, but now you can buy things through any of the captains in the marketplace where you can buy anything from batting gloves for Road to the Show, or a ritual item. In each captain’s shop items are changing every 12-24 hours so you have to act fast if you see something you want. Currency used in the marketplace is referred ti as tickets, and you can earn them in any game mode. Each captain has a unique rank items, and missions that can earn you a chunk of bonus tickets.

New cards have types are coming for Diamond Dynasty, such as flashback cards which come in rookie and prime types. This is where you can see players in their prime or as rookies. Hundreds of new cards are being created for the release of MLB The Show 16. These cards can be earned with tickets in the captains section of the marketplace, and through some select missions.

Road to the Show also has some new features in MLB The Show 16. When creating a player for RTTS there are now options to customize catchers gear, elbow-guards and eye-wear. The create-a-player interface is now much more user-friendly. Showtime, a feature new to Road to the Show can allow you to slow down key moments of the game. This could be a slower more dramatic throw to second for an important double play or a clutch at bat to potentially give your team the lead. There is a showtime meter at the bottom of the screen that you can choose when to use. It makes it much easier to make precise throws in the field, pinpoint your pitches at the mound, and makes it easier to make solid contact with the ball. Showtime starts at 120 and you can chose when to use it throughout the game. Showtime perks can also be consumed for showtime meter percentage. One perk when activated forces the pitcher to throw all pitches to throw strikes into the strike zone where you can swing big and know you will connect.

New features are set to be announced in the coming weeks before MLB The Show 16 is released on March 29th. Look forward to more articles covering these new features and more. Let us know what you think about these features and changes in the comments below.

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