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NHL 16 Developer Q & A: HUT, Be a GM Modes & More


Here is another installment of the developer Q & A for NHL 16 EA via their Ask EA NHL page. There are already some great questions and answers as well as some additional feature information on HUT and Be a GM Modes & More. Checkout the questions and answers below.

Will we get HUT coins from playing NHL Live moments ? I know we couldn’t last year and I would like this feature to return.

No, you won’t earn HUT coins from playing Moments Live.

Did you get rid of the talking between teams in EASHL games?

Hi Jovi, you will only be able to hear the opposing team during a specific point in the pre-game flow. Once in gameplay, you will only hear voice communications from your teammates.

Will the C of Red from Calgary be implemented during the Playoffs?

Yes it will.

Knowing that EASHL will be played with pre-created player classes, what will the stats for these players be high or average stats? For example, will a playmaker have similar stats to Crosby or more average like a Bozak?

It is tough to identify an exact player for each player class as we focused more on balance across the entire mode than trying to match a certain player. That said though, they are more like second line players rather than first line players in the sense that they are usually very talented in a particular area and average in the rest rather than being well rounded superstars like a Crosby who can shoot and deke as well as he can pass.

How up to date will the rosters be when the game is released?

The rosters are up to date as of the second week of July on the disc. The user can visit the roster update screen to download an update if and when made available.

In Be a GM mode will free gent players on your team refuse to sign with my team again? You have added a chemistry feature so I wasn’t sure if this would be part of that. It feels to easy and unrealistic to have every player willing to resign every year. It would be more challenging for a star player to not want to re-sign if the team is not making the playoffs.

Yes, in NHL 16 players will now refuse to re-sign with your team. This will occur when a player is very upset with the organization, the team has very low locker room chemistry or a player that wants to win but realizes your franchise is not in a state to win anytime soon. The same variables will also apply when trying to sign free agents during free agency. However this varies from player to player and is dependent on his personality.

In Be A Pro mode when your player is up for free agency will you be able to negotiate contracts at all?

When you become a free agent in NHL 16 Be A Pro you will be given a selection of 3-5 teams offers to choose from. The same way it has been in the past.

Is there going to be preseason in be a pro, gm, and season mode?

There is a preseason in Be A Pro and Be A GM modes but not in Season mode.

Will the Oilers new orange jersey be in the game?

Yes, the Edmonton Oilers orange jersey will be in NHL 16.

Will you guys going back to star potential for players?

Hi Gabriel, for NHL 16 we will be leaving the potentials as they were in NHL on the Xbox One and PS4 and not going back to the star potential system we had in past games.

Will there be authentic goal songs?

In NHL 16 we will have authentic goal songs for Anaheim, Arizona, Boston, Columbus, Calgary, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Minnesota, Montreal, New Jersey, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Will you have the Gila River Arena in NHL 16?

Gila River Arena will not be in NHL 16. Due to certain laws, rules and/or regulations in various jurisdictions, EA restricts the appearance of brands that pertain to gambling across all of its E or E-equivalent games and titles. Accordingly, due to the association with Gila River Casino, the Arizona Coyotes will be playing in a home arena called Arizona Arena not Gila River Arena in NHL 16.

I am interested in pre-ordering the to-be released NHL 16 Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4. I realize that pre-ordering the deluxe edition gets me $50 worth of HUT content. Also, I realize that pre-ordering NHL 16 from GameStop will get me $25 worth of HUT content. If I were to pre-order NHL 16 Deluxe Edition from GameStop, would I receive $75 worth of HUT content? Thanks!

If you pre-order the NHL 16 Deluxe Edition from GameStop you will receive $50 worth of HUT content. 40 HUT Gold Packs, 2 per week for 20 weeks. Pre-order offers are not stackable with the Deluxe Edition. To find out more visit our pre-order blog here:

Will I get 10 HUT packs as soon as I get the game if I pre-order / download the game from the Xbox store?

This offer only applies to players who owned NHL 15. If you owned NHL 15 and pre-order NHL 16 via digital download you will receive an additional 10 HUT Gold Packs when you enter into NHL 16 HUT for the first time. This is on top of the 15 HUT Gold Packs, 1 per week, you receive for pre-ordering.

When NHL 16 will be available for pre-order on the Xbox Marketplace?

NHL 16 is available to pre-order from the Xbox One Marketplace now.

What’s different in the NHL 16 Deluxe Edition?

The in-game experience between NHL 16 Standard Edition and NHL 16 Deluxe Edition is the same. However, NHL 16 Deluxe Edition comes with $50 worth of Hockey Ultimate Team content. You will get 40 HUT Gold Packs, 2 per week for 20 weeks. More details are here:

Will you release top 50 player rating before the games come out, like last year?

We will be revealing ratings at the end of August.

The EA site says we can get 25 gold packs for pre-ordering from GameStop, but their site says they only give 15?

When you pre-order NHL 16 Standard Edition from GameStop you will receive 1 HUT Gold Pack per week for 25 weeks. There are more details here:

Will NHL 16 have the classic NHL 94 controls?

Yes it will.

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