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NHL 16 Developer Q & A Part 2


Today we have a continuation of yesterday’s NHL 16 Developer Q & A as they answer more of your submitted questions. It’s really great the developers are taking this opportunity to connect with the community and see what’s on our minds. Checkout the Q & A below!

Will there be any smartglass or kinect integration? It would be sweet to be able to edit/change lines with smartglass.

There will not be Smartglass or Kinect integration.

Will Be a GM Mode include a Fantasy Draft option?


So are you guy gonna add the ECHL i would like to see it and play as my favorite team in that league but for 3 years the same leagues have been in the game. Is there a reason you guys wont add it?

NHL 16 will have 10 leagues in our game. NHL, AHL, CHL (OHL, WHL, QMJHL), SHL, Liiga, DEL, Extraliga and Nationalliga. We are always looking for new opportunities within the hockey world but there will be no new leagues for NHL 16.

Will offline season-mode be back in NHL 16?

Yes. Season is back in NHL 16.

Once a Player Score a Hat Trick, will there be an animation for it?

Yes, home fans will celebrate hat tricks by showering the ice with hats in NHL 16.

Are Online Shootouts coming back? If not why?

Online Shootouts are definitely a priority for us. At this point, I cannot commit to a timeframe.

When is the first trailer coming out?

We will be unveiling our first official trailer at E3, but keeping following us on our NHL social channels for information and visuals from NHL 16.

Will there be a NBC Playoff Presentations before Playoff games?

Yes, we have continued to add pre-game analysis from Doc and Eddie when there is a specific story to mention. You will hear of streaks, home stand and road trip success, etc. In the playoffs, there is always something for them to cover based on the current series score and how the games have gone so far within the current match-up.

Have you done any upgrade or update on the physics part of the game. IE. Ice conditions, fatigue, hits, puck physics?

For balance, we are always looking at the effect of player collisions. We want to ensure that size is represented well and that you get the outcomes you expect on the ice. Big players with size and better balance will have a much easier time standing up to body on body contact and retaining the puck compared to smaller players with less size and balance. We have also added stumbles back in to give a greater range of fidelity when it comes to collisions so that the overall effect of collisions don’t have to be as extreme. That being said, when you really line a player up correctly, there are still very big hits in the game.

For the basis of pre game intros, will you go into more outdoor detail? Or will there be a focus on the indoor feel of the arena at game time?

You will once again see city and arena intro shots to mimic the real world feel of an NBC Sports broadcast. We have also definitely added to the indoor feel of the arenas across the league by taking what was a great architectural foundation by our artists last year and expanding that to emulate the live show that each team puts on for their fans. Over the course of a season, you may see entrance props raising to the rafters, fire and smoke effects from the jumbotrons, fans passing team flags through the stands, and many other elements to enhance the game day authenticity.

Do you expect outdoor arenas to be available in NHL 16?

Outdoor arenas will not be a part of NHL 16. Although they are a big part of the NHL, there are two challenges that we face: 1. The stadiums can be difficult to license and if we make them generic, they immediately lose their authenticity. 2. Unless they are done as DLC, by the the time we get them into the product, the event is already 9 months old.

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