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NHL 16 EASHL Tips: Efficient Breakout Passing

How’s it going everyone.  Today’s EASHL tip is about breakout passes.  There’s a lot of good defenseman in this game because they know how to play defense.  There’s even less GREAT and ELITE defenseman because they lack skills on the offense end or in this case, the ability to protect the puck after making a defensive stop to help transition to offense.
A very frustrating problem when playing EASHL is when people make mistakes with basic decision making.  As a goalie these mistakes can lead to unnecessary turnovers in our own zone and possibly a goal that could have easily been avoided.
Smart decision making on the breakout will lead to:
– More efficient offense in transition
– Fewer Defensive Zone Turnovers
– Fewer Suicide Passes/Neutral Zone Turnovers
– Overall Happier Teammates (Especially Goalies)
Know who your options are before you get the puck. Noticed who’s covered and who’s open before deciding where to pass the puck.

Know your options (boards, center, dman).  When you pick up the puck you should always have 3 options.  The winger by the boards, the center in the middle of the ice, and your defensive partner usually somewhere behind the net.  You’re first option is to get the puck to the forwards but don’t force it.  Hockey’s a simple game if you pass it to the open guy.  If the forwards are  covered and you’re running out of time, send it behind the net and don’t turn the puck over.

NHL 16 Tips 4
A turnover here would be deadly, try to pass the puck to a teammate quickly. If that’s not possible, get the puck out of the zone and live to see another day.

Is there pressure when you get the puck?  Sometimes you’ll pick up the puck and the other team is already in your face.  You’re not going to have time to skate or look around and you definitely don’t want to turn the puck over right in front of your net.  Trust that your teammates are where they are supposed to be and get rid of the puck with one-touch pass or a shot around the boards.  Even if they intercept the pass, they’ll pick it up along the outside and that will give your team time to regroup then if you turned it over right in front of the net.

No pressure? No need to force a pass. Take the space they give you.

If there is no pressure there’s no need to rush the pass.  Take your time, and carry the puck up the ice until you find an open teammate. It’s ok for a Dman to carry the puck all the way into the offensive zone if the forwards are covered and the other team is giving you space.  In drop-ins the forwards might yell at you but don’t listen to them, trust your reads and make the smart play.

Know your responsibility without the puck. Give your teammates options.
Always make yourself available as a passing option. Even when you don’t have the puck.  Sometimes your D partners in trouble and he needs to know that you’re going to be behind the net to help him out.  Just because you don’t have the puck doesn’t mean you can’t help team.
Communicate!  If your teammates aren’t there to help you out, talk to them (politely).  Help each other out!

Those are my tips for defenseman on the breakout.  Make sure to communicate with your teammates.  If your wingers not by the boards or your D partner isn’t behind the net limiting your options, talk about it, don’t yell at him and overall its about helping each other out and the team.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful.  Feel free to leave a comment on the video itself or here on SGO.  You can also reach me on Twitter @Justintogaming or follow me on Twitch to watch some live gameplay   Thanks for watching!

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