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Rory McIlroy PGA Tour: Pro Mode Details

EA Sports posted new details on Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour Pro Mode which allows you to create your own golfer and compete against some of the world’s best.  Checkout the PGA TOUR Tour Pro Mode details below!

Ever wanted to go toe-to-toe against some of the world’s best golfers? Now you can in the all-new Tour Pro Mode in EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR. Before hitting the course, players can customize their golfer’s appearance and select a bio. This creates a little backstory about your created player – as either a Prodigy, Collegiate or Instructor.

Tour Pro Mode begins in the last tournament on the Tour. Place high enough at TPC Sawgrass to graduate to the PGA TOUR and embark on a 15-year career. New this year is a feature called Quick Rounds, which allows players to complete a four-round tournament in the same amount of time as one 18-hole round. Players can progress deeper in Career Mode in half the time, without compromising Skill Level or XP.

Players earn XP throughout Tour Pro Mode, which increases golfer level and unlocks various gear, equipment, attribute upgrades and attribute bonuses.Earn XP by finishing holes, making birdies, hitting shots using draw/fade, hitting greens and fairways in regulation, close approaches, etc.

Attribute Bonuses are a new way to set your golfer’s strengths and weaknesses. Players select one Attribute Bonus (Balanced, Power, Precision, Finesse) and have the ability to unlock space for up to three more. With everything unlocked, there are thousands of combinations to choose from. Skills can be set up to match a play style, or edited to give players the best chance on a particular course.

Distance bonuses may come in handy on a long, wide-open course, while accuracy and shot-shaping abilities will be beneficial on a tighter, more technical track.

CAREER PROGRESSShows current standings or skill level, and what unlockables are available at the next level.

Once you’re finished here, you are taken to the Tour Pro hub, which is the hub for all things Tour Pro Mode.
Players can set up equipment, change outfits, edit skills and more.

Here’s a look at all the things possible in the Tour Pro Hub:
See what’s coming up next and head out to the course.

Easily find and equip newly unlocked equipment, or optimize everything with the press of a button.


Fully customize your clubs and bag. Players now have a completely mixed bag of goodies, and are not restricted by club types. Want three drivers in the bag? Go for it. Fully customize your club head, shaft and grip.

For the first time, players can set up different outfits to automatically rotate each round – Thursday through Sunday.

The most apparel ever, featuring more than 600 options to choose from.

Choose from a traditional 18-hole experience, or focus on the most important holes with the all-new Quick Rounds feature.

Highlights accomplishments throughout the mode, ranging from simply finishing tournaments to setting records and signing with sponsors.


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