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Several Ways Esports Improved During the Pandemic

While video games continue to improve in general, esports and virtual sports managed to improve during the rough times of the pandemic. With restrictions heavily tying down live events, many looked to the world of esports on the interim. This meant the previously niche industry needed to meet new market demands. And that it certainly did.

As more companies carved a path for themselves in the market, many needed to find additional ways to remain relevant resulting several advancements across the board.

Esports improving amidst pandemic restrictions

Better eSports Betting Sites

The emergence of better sites for esports gambling is one factor that attracts many bettors. The best esports betting sites like, always look to improve their user experience. Since every esport betting site wants to stay ahead of the competition, you have many features and tools to explore. Today, many esports betting sites present many odds, fast customer service, and clear solid odds. You also get a massive sportsbook and various options to show spreads. Although functionality is vital for the best esports bookmakers, functionality does not oppose aesthetics.

Prevalence of Blockchain and NFTs

One of the core factors of eSports revenues is sponsorship. Nonetheless, many eSports market operators want a diverse source of income. The goal is to reduce the risk of overdependence on a single source. So, organizations and teams want other methods to monetize fans directly, a plan that can get achieved with blockchain and NFT.

Blockchain allows for transparent, secure, and tamper-proof transactions. On the flip side, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) let you sell in-game NFTs to other players. Then, you earn tokens via play-to-earn models. These often include blockchain loyalty and rewards programs.

Continued Growth of Mobile eSports

Mobile eSports has entered the market by storm after years of dominance by console and PC titles. Initially, smartphone games were limited to casual titles. But, advances in optimization and dedicated gaming phone hardware have empowered smartphone users to play eSports games.

The growth in mobile eSports gets influenced by various factors such as:

  • The high number of people with smartphones in eSports emerging and current markets
  • Availability of eSports games with low specs
  • Strong and stable internet connection, thanks to the fifth-generation wireless (5G) technology

Today, you can play games and place bets on your smartphone. The end is convenient, hassle-free gaming, and an excellent betting experience. Mobile eSports are already on the upward trend, and there is no end in sight to the use of smartphones in gaming and betting.

Real-Time Experience

The desire to integrate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) grows as technology advances. Gaming companies know that with high competition, success depends on customer satisfaction. Thus, VR and AR are motivated to provide an authentic and unique experience.

AR creates a play zone within the current artificial environment to give you an immersive environment. Even after playing, you feel excited due to the personal interaction with the digital environment. Besides, you experience immersion whether you use your phone, tablet, or gaming system.

Some companies already use VR to make your experience close to the real thing. For example, popular franchises like Minecraft and Doom are now available via VR headset technologies. Real-time experience via VR and AR is set to continue, with high chances that cloud VR will become a reality.

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As more companies carved a path for themselves in the sportsgamersonline, many needed to find additional ways to remain relevant resulting several advancements across the board.

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