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SGO Weekly: SkateBIRD, Swing Dunk, & More! (9/10/2021 – 9/16/2021)

The SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring more on SkateBIRD, Swing Dunk, and more!

SGO Weekly: SkateBIRD, RiMS Racing, & More!

Swing Dunk comes to Steam Early Access

South Korean developer,, released a new basketball game, Swing Dunk, on Steam. Players can get a feel for the physics-based basketball game via Steam’s Early Access program.

Swing Dunk offers a new take on basketball games. In Swing Dunk, players compete on a hoverboard. With intuitive physics integrated, players must use the momentum from swinging the ball to do layups, shoot, and dunk. Unlike typical basketball games, Swing Dunk is all about giving freedom of how to play. Every action is non-targeted meaning players must manage the momentum of swinging the ball to shoot, pass, and dunk. Thanks to the dash system of the hoverboard, players can maneuver through enemy defense and score a goal in limitless ways.

In da Hoop! doubles its content with Summer Shots pack

Realcast‘s VR arcade basketball game In da Hoop! has more than doubled its content with the new Crab’s Quest: Summer Shots pack. The latest content addition introduces 11 new levels, 3 specials, a challenge mode and more.

In da Hoop! v1.2 update features:
  • 11 new levels: Drums, Pinball, Circus…
  • 3 specials with unique gameplay: Around the World, Snake, Invasion
  • A Challenge game mode that combines levels for longer, more competitive, and physical sessions
  • A more generous unlocking system
  • Added tunes
  • New ball options

SkateBIRD heads to consoles and PC

SkateBIRD lands on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, PC via Steam and, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Game Pass.

Players can shred through bird-sized skateparks made of everyday objects. In addition, players can customize controls with accessibility-minded options within SkateBIRD. Complete missions to unlock new levels, collect dozens of accessories, and above all, do your best!

Boxing Star announces Omega Over-Fusion update

The latest update for Boxing Star has gone live. Players can now create the strongest Gear and up their game with Omega Over-Fusion, the new Gear Upgrade system.

With Omega Over-Fusion, players can fuse  and enhance their Omega Fusion Gear. However, to use Omega Over-Fusion, players must combine max level Legendary Grade Omega Fusion Gear. Depending on the Levels of the Omega Over-Fusion Gear, additional special Options will be applied to the new, enhanced Over-Fused Gear. In addition, three new Jab Gloves have been added. The gloves are available for purchase through the game’s Shop Catalog, as well as through Victory Packages.

New Five a Side Football 2022 transfer update

The Five a Side Football 2022 transfer update has landed. Moving forward, players now have the chance to take control of one of 20 updated squads inspired by Premier League teams. Within the update, players can expect:

  • All the latest transfers, as of deadline day
  • 20 five a side teams
  • 300 comedy-named players
  • New transfer system
  • Simple tactics
  • Three match speeds

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