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FUT Champions is a new way to compete in FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team Mode. Each week, players can qualify for the coveted Weekend League, where some of the best rewards in the game are waiting. Successful performance in the Weekend League also helps players to climb the Monthly Leaderboards in a hurry and qualify for real world competitions.

FUT Champions is only available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Winning a Daily Knockout tournament will earn players a spot in the coveted Weekend League. Daily Knockout tournaments have dynamic squad entry requirements and provide players with unique rewards.

If players are already on top of the Leaderboards in FUT Online Seasons, then weekly success will grant access to the Weekend League.

The Weekend League

Once the weekend begins, players compete in as many games as they can from a set number of matches. Competing in the Weekend League can help players to push into higher competition tiers and earn rewards to build up their club for future competitions.

Consistency is Rewarded

Consistent Weekend League performances help players to move up the Monthly Leaderboard Tiers, unlocking some of the best rewards in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode. Success in the Weekend League can also earn special FUT Champions items.

A Gateway to eSports

FUT Champions can help talented players qualify for eSports competitions like the EA Sports FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series and the FIFA 17 Interactive World Cup. Climbing the Monthly Regional Leaderboards by winning in the Weekend League and other tournaments grants the opportunity to earn a spot in these prestigious tournaments.

The FIFA 17 Interactive World Cup and the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series are only available to players on Xbox One and PS4.

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