EA Sports has just released new information about FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team Mode, the competitive online game mode that lets players put together custom squads and battle their way up the leaderboards. Squad Building Challenges are brand new to Ultimate Team Mode, providing players with objectives to complete as they build their championship sides.

Getting Started

There are three types of challenges: Basic, Advanced, and Leagues. Challenges will be updated throughout the season.

Select a Challenge

Challenges will ask players to achieve specific goals while building their squads. One example is an Advanced Challenge called “Two Nations,” which requires players to create a squad comprised of two different nationalities with a minimum chemistry rating of 60.

Build and Exchange

Players can complete Challenges using items from their club or the Transfer Market. Card packs—unlockable items that give players access to certain footballers—are a valuable resource for achieving certain Challenges.

Complete the Challenge

After putting together a team that meets the requirements of a Challenge, players submit their team in exchange for rewards. Once you submit a team, you lose the footballers on that team, so you should only give up footballers for Squad Building Challenges if you don’t want to use them elsewhere in Ultimate Team Mode.


Challenges can be completed individually, but some are part of sets called Groups. Completing a Group of Challenges earns extra rewards.

Unique Rewards

Card packs, coins, and other unique items can be earned through Squad Building Challenges.

Build on the Go

In addition to console and PC, Squad Building Challenges can be completed on FIFA’s mobile companion app.

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