Watch 7 Minutes of FIFA 18 Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

With details about FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch lacking some features its PS4 and Xbone counterparts will have and its inferior graphical hardware, we have been curious what FIFA 18 will actually look and play like on the new console.

Thankfully, there’s a new video showing off nearly 8 minutes of gameplay for FIFA 18 on the Switch.

Since the video footage isn’t captured from the game itself, it’s hard to tell how the graphics will really look on the new console. Close ups of the models do make them look dated, but the quality of the video may be making it look more drastic than it truly is.

From what we can see, most of the animations look smooth and the framerate is constant, which are more important than the latest graphics.

No details on how the Switch’s unique controls play into the game, but I’ll bet we’ll learn more as E3 continues this week.

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