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top 5 skill-based esports games

Top 5 Skill Based eSports Games

Games present a fun pastime for the young and old alike. However, not all games have skill ceilings to be broken. When a game has many skill ceilings to be challenged and broken, it elevates the game and its overall playability. In the online gaming streaming scene, one can see many streamers attempt to show their skills. This typically comes in forms of dominating lobbies in popular titles and speedrunning challenges, or simply through long games to show off their stamina, abilities and how far the ceilings of certain games can be raised. Truly challenging games have been replaced with easy entry design. The “easy nature” may be a mass-appeal factor, but some gamers miss the challenge. However, not all games follow this design. Here are five top skill-based eSports games.

Top Five eSports Skill-Based Games

Rocket League

rocket league

This simple but incredibly fun game is just playing soccer while driving cars. At first, it seems just an easy arcade pastime. However, when you step into ranked levels, where freestylers can dribble the ball through the air using the boost, players find out just how deep the game can go. Rocket League will absolutely decimate your ego. It is free too, so what do you have to lose, other than your dignity?

NBA 2K League

Like its real life counterpart, the NBA 2K League is about putting the very best on the court. Players chosen to participate on official teams not only must master the game, but conduct themselves as athletes too. This means social skills must meet the standard as well as their skills on the controller. To top if off, to be eligible for drafting, players must win a series of games at various level regional levels.

Madden NFL

Madden 22 Celebrations

Before a lot of the popular esports sport gaming we see today, Madden NFL featured a series all about proving to be the best in that year’s iteration. So much so, several leagues, championships, and tournaments are held just to see who really is the best player across the globe.

eFootball – Pro Evolution Soccer

Soccer has held a long standing global presence. Having held a presence in esports since 2003m the eFootball Open (formerly PES league), has witnessed some of the most thrilling moments in eSports history. With global influence, tournaments, and daunting entry requirements, the eFootball Open is no place for sheer luck.

FIFA Series

FIFA has been an official game of the World Cyber Games since its first tournament in 2001. In 2003, a FIFA tournament was also held at the first event of CPL Europe. Many leagues follow suit given the sport and the game’s wide acceptance and popularity. The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) is the world’s largest video game tournament and with that, the biggest FIFA tournament.

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