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NBA 2K15 Challenge: Can Tony Allen beat Warriors on his own?

Choosing the Warriors, zig zagging, charge cheesing, and double cheesing just isn’t enough for this guy. He also had to turn up his mic and feed through loud static to distract me. Plus every time he scored, is either a pause taunt or a quit taunt. My response to all this ? Simply beating him in the game would be too easy. I got something special for people like this. I am going to use the worse offensive player in my lineup, exclusively, and then I will beat him senseless. My weapon of choice ? TONY ALLEN.

In all seriousness it is disappointing that users such as the one in the video can’t be banned from the game. I am all for competing to win, but when you are taunting and feeding through static to alter my gaming experience a ban seems justifiable. Unfortunately there’s always a risk of running into people like this playing 2K online, and for that I feel sorry for all of us. The victory was sweet but the fact that it had to happen the way it happened, is concerning for an avid NBA 2K fan such as myself. Hopefully no one will ever run into him again, and if you ever played a legit sim user online be sure to add him as a friend. Playing with like minded individuals is probably the best way to avoid bad 2K community members like the user in the video.

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