This past weekend I wrote a bit about eSports Boxing Club, an upcoming boxing RPG by Steel City Interactive. We covered some of the details around ESBC, like the partnerships they’ve been making and working with Ten-24. These are clear signs indicating Steel City Interactive was taking the task of building a new boxing game community seriously. We broke down their latest trailer and came away pretty impressed. Today, we’re happy to reveal some exclusive screenshots from eSports Boxing Club, as well as talk about their plans for next-gen release.

Pushing Current-Gen To Its Limits

The folks at Steel City Interactive reached out with a few more in-game screenshots. Below, you can see some exclusive screenshots of WBA Continental welterweight champion Conor Nigel Benn rendered in eSports Boxing Club. 

eSports Boxing Club exclusive

Steel City Interactive promises that ESBC will “be next-gen on PC, with us pushing the PS4 and Xbox One to it’s limits.” This is a bold claim, and screenshots don’t tell the whole story. Again, however, it seems Steel City Interactive is committed to putting together the best possible product they can. Steel City Interactive shared the screenshots in response to some disbelief from a previous screenshot. We noticed a few people doubted the character likeness from the screenshot that was released,” they said and continued with, “this should put those to bed when fans see it.”


Steel City Interactive made another announcement earlier this week, revealing via Twitter that multiple Hall of Fame promoter Lou Dibella would be joining the cast of ESBC. Players will have an opportunity to be added to Dibella’s long list of world champion boxers later this year.

eSports Boxing Club Release Dates – Current & Next-Gen

As previously reported, eSports Boxing Club will be releasing first on PC, as an Early Access game in December 2020. ESBC will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in first Quarter 2021. Steel City Interactive confirmed with us that are indeed planning to release ESBC on next-gen consoles. The Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 release date will be sometime in Quarter 4 2021.

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