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SGO Thermal

What makes SGO work? A diverse group of movers, shakers and dreamers looking to take Sports Gaming to the next level. We weren’t satisfied with what was out there so we set out to create something better. We work hard, play hard and never settle for less. 

Writing Staff

Michael Straw || Managing Editor

mike straw sgo

Michael Straw is a gamer who just happens to be an experienced journalist. In his near decade-long career, Mike has traveled across the United States to cover some of the biggest events in gaming and sports, including E3, PAX, as well as the NFL and NHL Drafts. His work covering gaming and sports led his content being featured on Fox Sports 1, and others. He was once the second-ranked player in the world in NHL 09 on Xbox Live, and is a huge pro wrestling junkie.

Kevin Finley || Senior Editor

Kevin Finley currently resides in California where he juggles pursuing fiction, technical and game writing. He acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Game Art & Design and hopes to continue specializing in narrative design. Although an avid player of narrative based role-playing games like The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect, Kevin regularly mixes it up in a variety shooters, combat sports, and prefers to play a Fighter in D&D. Kevin is no stranger to Anime, cooking, debating, and when all else is unavailable, a good book.

Jake Jacobson || Senior Writer

Jake Jacobson is a writer, reporter, and content creator from cozy Bloomington, Indiana. He’s a casual speedrunner, the number 1 Raichu fan, and took the Indiana Hoosiers to the National Title game in NCAA Football ’11 six consecutive years. Go Packers.

Tony Bradberry || Writer

I’m a long time Madden player who enjoys interacting with the community and looking at the game from all perspectives. I’ve offered observations, interviews, and thought pieces on Madden, and more specifically franchise mode, for the better part of the last six years.


Content Creation

The Natural || Lead Content Creator

Curtis Knight

A fan of sports games since his first EA sports title Madden 93. “The Natural” has been an active member of the Sports Gaming community since joining the MWS in 2003. Having participated and won in the Madden Challenge and countless other tournaments earlier in his career he has moved on to more of a sim style over the years. He is always looking to do what he can to push simulation style gaming forward.

Christopher Walker || Senior Content Creator

I have been playing football games since 99’. All starting with the NFL Game Day demo and NFL Blitz on PlayStation, then I moved on to Madden for the next 5 years, where I really didn’t know what I was going yet. I flirted with NFL 2K for a year, but have played Madden and NCAA (up until its demise last year) ever since steadily improving my game each year and developing a passion for the X’s and O’s part of football.