For years, Madden has used the same types of attributes; however, Madden 19 is changing the game. While going through the rookie ratings, you may have noticed some attributes mentioned that have never seen the light of day until now.

Madden 19 Debuts New Ratings Attributes

Today, the Madden blog provided a quick breakdown of the new player rating attributes. I’ll be categorizing the attributes to make them easier to read. To be clear, these are new player rating attributes, not a complete list of all player rating attributes.

Route Running

Route running is now broken down into three different categories akin to the quarterback accuracy. These new attributes will help differentiate between a player like New England’s Julian Edelman, that excels in the short-to-medium passing game, and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown, that excels in all three phases.

  • Short Route Running
    • The ability to create separation on short routes such as slants, shirt digs and hooks.
  • Medium Route Running
    • The ability to create separation on medium routes such as standard out and standard in.
  • Deep Route Running
    • The ability to create separation on deep routes like deep post, 4 verts and various play action routes.


Blocking is also getting a tweak. No longer are run block and pass block two categories. While it is believed that impact block will remain, both run and pass block are getting more attributes. A new block and lead block is also being introduced.

  • Run Block Power
    • Ability to block for man-concept runs such as the dive, stretch, sweep, etc.
  • Run Block Finesse
    • Ability to block for zone-concept runs as the inside zone or outside zone.

Both of these concept zones are established at the play call screen like in previous versions of Madden.

  • Pass Block Power
    • Ability to block against a defender using a power rush move such as a bullrush.
  • Pass Block Finesse
    • Ability to block against a defender using a finesse rush move such as a spin.
  • Lead Block
    • Ability of a lead blocker to successfully block a defender. This will be incredibly useful for fullbacks and pulling linemen on sweeps and screens.

Quaterback Attributes

  • Throw Under Pressure
    • This will determine how accurate a quarterback is when under pressure from the oncoming rush.
  • Break Sack
    • This will determine how frequently a quarterback can shed a sack from an oncoming rush.

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