The NFL season may be over, but that doesn’t mean support for Madden NFL 17 has come to an end.

EA Sports has released Title Update #11 for Madden on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s a smaller update than what we’ve seen in the past, but it does address a few gameplay and MUT issues.

Details on the update via EA Sports:


  • Fixed a bug where the offensive tackle would play a blocking animation without engaging with a defensive player
  • Addressed a bug that caused the gameplay speed inside of Gauntlet, Skills Trainer, and Franchise Game Planning Drills to be extremely slow

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Addressed a bug where a user’s profile settings weren’t being honored in Play-a-Friend games
  • For online MUT and Draft Champions games, the 3-letter team name shown in the score hud will now represent the first 3 letters of your team name just as it does in Solo Challenges
    • To update this, you can enter Madden Ultimate Team, go to the “Team” tab and choose the Rename Team tile


  • Addressed the issue where declining a Live Commentary Update (LCU) and powering on from rest mode could cause significant lag in the menus and in-game
  • Other minor stability improvements

The update should begin downloading automatically next time you go to play Madden NFL 17 on either console.

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