NBA Live 19 Court Creation

EA Sports tweeted this morning that you’ll be able to create your own court in NBA Live 19. The team has made a very real effort to make sure you care about what court you’re playing on. As we’ve touched on before, NBA Live 19 has added courts from around the country for you and your squad to ball on. Now, you can create your own.

Create Your Own Court in NBA Live 19

You’ll now be able to create “The One Court” which will sit at the center of your NBA Live 19 hub. You’ll start by giving it a name and choosing the location. EA states there are over 1,000 cities to choose from both in the US and internationally. Additionally, new cities will be added throughout the year.

nba live cities

Next, you’ll be designing the actual court. You start by selecting a theme. Themes are presets of line colors, paint colors, court textures and brushes. Themes can be used as your starting point or if there’s a theme you enjoy, you can keep it.

From there, your options seem relatively limitless. Unlike its basketball counterpart in NBA 2K, NBA live 19 is even letting you change the type of floor you can use. Of course, you have your traditional hardwood setups. However, NBA Live is also allowing users to change floors to asphalt or polished concrete. On top of that, those floor materials come with another suite of options like colors, etc.

Taking it Further

That’s not the end of designing your floor either. NBA Live 19 is also instituting full court graphics. You’ll be able to customize your court’s floor with things like animal prints, camo prints, and even full court player portraits.

nba live 19 paint options

Once your floor materials are ready to go, you hit up the floor paint options. The floor paint options allow you to color up to nine different zones on your court. Each zone has its own settings like opacity so if you want purple hardwood, you can make your hardwood slightly visible through the paint options.

Logos are able to be placed in five different positions. The images that NBA Live showed on their blog indicate there will be a slew of retro NBA logos including the Seattle Supersonics and Vancouver Grizzlies.

NBA Live 19 is even allowing you to customize the baskets and balls used in your court. Want a ball made of solid gold? Done. One of those retro basketballs you can win at a carnival? It’s there.

Your court can be used when doing drills, shooting around or scrimmaging. You can not take your court online unless you host a private run.

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