Now, with all this said, plays still aren’t guaranteed to score 100% of the time; therefore you still need to have a good base freelance incase your play-sets amount to nothing. This aspect of play utilization is demonstrated to its full effect in my money play #2:

On its own this play has 4 options because it has multiple branches built in. However, what makes this play extremely deadly is the fact that you can’t break off to your freelance anytime and attack through that. The freelance I find best to do this with is the pace motion cuts.

You can see in the video that I will follow the play-art, and when the moment is right I will call a manual pick and roll to break the play. I do this purposely so I can easily flow right into my pace motion freelance, which is built to attack with high pick and rolls. Essentially, I am using this money play to hide my freelance pace motion pick and roll attack. At the same time, if the play generates me an open three, I am going to take it. But, if it doesn’t, I won’t panic because I know the unique spacing/movement of this play allows me to easily to flow into another attack of mine.

So there you have it, running plays is nice, but remember to run it smart. Take full advantage of plays no longer breaking down and move the ball around more to create extra opportunities. Or, go with the opposite approach, and purposely break plays at the right times to hide your true intentions.

I suggest to also look at the other 3 money plays to take your offensive game even further. I am glad I got to write this up, hopefully everyone can have more fun with the offensive side of the ball now.

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