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SGO on ESPN Radio – Talk Colin Cowherd, eSports, VR and More


SGO on ESPN Highlands

Recently, listeners and fans alike were able to hear SGO on ESPN Highlands radio talk show. Turk lead the conversation with Sports Gamers Online founder and editor-in-chief Curtis Knight. During the discussion, Turk and Knight touched on the progress of VR moving forward and the rise of eSports. In addition, Turk also got Knight’s opinion on Colin Cowherd’s perspective towards sports video games and their popularity. You can find SGO’s segment and the full show here.

Below are talking points you can expect the segment:

  • Curtis Knight discusses SGO and its role in covering everything from news to game tips and tricks.
  • Turk inquires on the reality of top NBA prospects learning from NBA 2K and not traditional practice.
  • Knight talks about the lengths game developers go through to recreate true sports simulations.
  • In addition to breaking down Cowherd’s view on games, Turk comments on the realization that games aren’t just for “kids with Doritos crusted fingers.”
  • Turk and Knight comment on the rise of eSports and finding its place within ESPN ranks.
  • VR is discussed and Knight talks about its applications in helping NFL quarterbacks train.

Be sure to listen in on ESPN Highlands weekdays 4-6pm.

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