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Sports Gamers Online Best Sports Games of E3 – Writers’ Pick

Best Sports Games of E3

Now that E3 has come to a close, some of the crew at Sports Gamers Online take a look at the best sports games of E3.

Best Sports Games of E3

Kevin  Finley’s Pick: PES 2018

With WWE 2K18’s absence, my choice was up for grabs. However, after an impressive presentation and hands-on demo, I chose PES 2018. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 take leaps in innovation and design above its predecessor while setting the tone for the future. In addition, the game sports very a intuitive control scheme that takes a casual sports gamer minutes to comprehend. After playing one match against our own Christopher Walker, I concluded the game handles well, has great animations and is just plain fun.

Christopher Walker: Madden 18

Although I’m not a fan of team-play, it was more fleshed out than I was anticipating. Subtle nuances in general gameplay like blocked linemen breaking for a quick sack and the arm battle between the corner and receiver was a nice touch. There are new changes to how you control the defender on defense. It takes time to get used to but offers refreshing gameplay as well.

Phil Varckette: NBA Live 18

My favorite thing from E3 was seeing NBA Live look so good. While still not looking like a 2K killer, I think NBA Live 18 is showing the potential to be back on the basketball map this year, and be a future contender to the 2K juggernaut.

Let us know what your favorites from E3 are in the comments!

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