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Madden 17 Top 10 Questions Answered: Team Play, Formation Subs and More!

Madden 17 Top 10 Questions

With info slowly trickling out about Madden 17, I wanted to make this video answer the most asked questions that I’ve seen on social and online. All info is straight from the developers and my own experience with the game. Let me know in the comments below if there are any questions about the game you have that weren’t included!

Will the defense still fall for playaction on long obviously passing situations?

No. In Madden 17, the adaptive AI has been adjusted to account for playaction in obvious passing situation and will play for pass regardless of the fake.

Will FB Dive and HB toss be as overly effective?

With how the force defenders plays the outside run and linebackers fill the gaps you will have the tools to stop fullback dive and toss. In my time with the game defenders now play the run more realistically and aggressively you will need to read your blocks and utilize the new ball carrier moves to be successful in the running game.

Can quarters defense still stop the run?

Not effectively with the new defensive gap and runfit system there will be gaps that are not accounted for when a quarters defense matches up with a pro or big offensive set.

Will team play be in Madden 17?

No, team play will not be in Madden 17. I know people are disappointed, but this is a GOOD thing. The devs do not want to half ass team play and just put it back in the way it is. They want to improve it, add features, and make it better than ever. So I personally believe team play will be back eventually just not this year.

Will formation subs be in Madden 17?

No, formation subs will not be in at launch. Not sure if it will be something that can be added later in a patch, or update during the year, so stay tuned.

How do the new FG and Punt blocks work?

Both place kicks and punts can be blocked. It’s being tuned, so I’m not sure how easy or difficult it will be in the final game but I was able to get at least 1 of each in my time with the game. Ratings have an impact on success rate and how much you’re penalized for not executing the new mechanic perfectly as it’s easier with elite players than it is with lower-rated guys.

Is 10 man coverage still effective in the game?

No, dropping 10 into coverage will not be an effective strategy in Madden 17.

Does the offensive line form a realistic pocket in Madden 17?

The pass rushers have been tuned so the top rushers are more impactful like they are in real life. Time in the pocket and the qB scramble response has been tuned this year. Can’t speak more on the exact offensive line formation until more info is released.

Can you snap the ball with WRs behind the line of scrimmage or while in motion. 

You can no longer unrealistically hike while the WR is behind the line of scrimmage or manually motion hike him. Many people would create unrealistic separation by motion hiking the WR before he was set. The auto motion plays will still work.

Will WR/DB assignment be in Madden 17?

Unfortunately even though the developers have been working hard to put this feature back into the game they were not able to for Madden 17 as it does break some of systems so it will take a little while longer to implement.

When will more Madden 17 info be released?

New developer gameplay blogs will be out this week, but there will be a ton of info and a full demo at EA Play. We will be on-hand to give you our detailed impressions on Madden 17 and every sports game each day at E3 Expo, so subscribe to our YouTube and make sure to check the website daily!

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