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Madden 21: Top 5 Rookie CBs and Their Franchise Outlook

Jeff Okudah Madden 21


Jeff Okudah – 76 OVR

The former Ohio State Buckeye finds himself tied for the top spot in the class. The best cover ratings across the board, outside of being 2nd in man coverage, Okudah has the makings of a lockdown corner. At 6’1, Okudah is a taller corner with decent physical traits, however, he isn’t going to blow you away athletically.

Most likely a Super Star development, Okudah is going to be on almost all teams “untouchable” list. While not a fast as most Madden players want he should hold up well enough in coverage to build your secondary around.

C.J. Henderson – 76 OVR

A late riser in the draft process, Henderson is the 2nd of our 76 overall corners. Where Okudah is the more polished all-around corner coming in, Henderson is the more athletically gifted of the two with a class-leading 93 speed and 92 acceleration. Hendeson can cover a bit, as he boasts the highest man coverage rating of the entire class. The only concern is the class low 50 tackle rating for Henderson, but tackling has never been a corner’s main purpose in most defenses.

Okudah is the better coverage guy out of the box but Henderson will be the better Madden player because of his elite athletic ability. Similar to Okudah, Henderson should find himself as Super Star development and most likely untouchable in terms of trades.

Jaylon JohnsonJaylon Johnson – 73 OVR

Checking in at #3 on this list is a nice gem in Jaylon Johnson. The 2nd best overall cover man in the class, Johnson has the makings of a really good corner. That doesn’t mean he isn’t without some flaws. Average speed (89) and acceleration (89), along with a low injury rating (83), may scare off some users from looking to build around him long term.

Most likely a Star development-wise, Johnson is a guy I am trying to buy on in most franchises. The athletic ability doesn’t scare me, and his size and coverage abilities make up for it in my mind. On a team that may be looking to fill some other holes, this is a move I’d be trying to make day 1.

Jeff Gladney – 71 OVR

We have hit the point where there are a couple option and none are great, so by virtue of being next in line Gadney gets the nod. Not really spectacular in any area, Gladney is essentially a body to play but offers little else. Above-average speed and acceleration (91) is the most redeeming quality here and may be intriguing to some.

As a Viking’s owner, if someone wants to pay me anything for him I will take it barring some crazy development situation. Vikings need capable starters day one and that really isn’t Gladney at this point. If he was cut I’d pick him up, but outside of that, I have no real interest in Gladney for my team.

Noah Igbinoghene – 70 OVR

There were three players tied at 70 overall, so I chose to go with the one that I thought offered the most upside. None of the options here are great on the surface, but Igbinoghene does offer a solid physical base to build off of. 91 speed and 92 acceleration, combined with a class-leading 93 jumping, make Igbinoghene someone that could someday become a starting corner.

Igbinoghene is actually my sleeper and a guy that I’d be on the lookout to try and grab cheap in most franchises. While some of you may ask why I was so hard on Gladney and a buyer on Igbinoghene? The answer is simple, age. Igbinoghene at only 20 with slightly better physical stats will have the chance to develop much better than the 23-year-old Gladney.

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