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Madden 21: Top 5 Rookie QBs and Their Franchise Outlook

Joe Burrow

Today, EA Sports released the Madden 21 rookie QB ratings, which you can find those here. The rookie class has some valuable quarterbacks in terms of long term development, which should excite players who get a chance to use them. We don’t know their developments yet, but I will go ahead break down the top five and how they fit into your long term franchise plans based on their current ratings.

M21 Rookie QB
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Joe Burrow – 76 Overall

Burrow, the number one pick in the draft, got a lot of love from the developers. Checking in with the second-highest speed and change of direction in this rookie group, he will be a capable runner when needed. What really sets Burrow apart in this class is his throwing accuracy. With the top short accuracy, mid accuracy, deep accuracy, throw on the run and throw under pressure he is set up to do damage early. The only potential concern with Burrow at launch is the 86 throw power. While that isn’t the worst of the group, Hurts is lower at 84, it is slightly below average when looking at last year’s game.

If I was building a team I would be a big-time buyer on Burrow early in your franchise. Most likely a Super Star development, Burrow can make pinpoint accuracy throws day one while bringing a running element to your team. It may be expensive, but I’d try to acquire him in any 32 man franchise I was in.

Tua Tagovailoa – 73 Overall

Tua is surprisingly average in terms of ratings to me. As a runner, he is one of the worst in this group and as a thrower, he finds himself middle of the road in almost every rating. The other issue you are dealing with for Tua is his injury history pops up with an 84 injury rating and 82 stamina.

Looking at Tua from a franchise standpoint, I think if I had him I’d consider selling high on his name barring him being a Super Star development. When you strip his name away he is a pretty average player but you may be able to find a very motivated buyer because of his real-life name and his 2nd highest overall rating.

Jordan Love – 71 Overall

Every year Madden raters value a couple of players more than anyone else and this year it appears to be Jordan Love, at least in this group. Love checks in with the 2nd highest throw power of this group at a 90. As a runner, he really isn’t going to do much for you, but as a thrower, he is pretty comparable to Tua. One of the biggest downsides to Love is his 70 break sack rating. which puts him at the bottom of this group.

Looking at it from a franchise standpoint, Love is in a great situation. Most likely Star development, he should have the ability to improve quickly. With Green Bay unable to move on from Rodgers for two seasons because of cap issues, it would make sense to approach your franchise’s Packers owner and try and work out a deal for Love year one.

Justin Herbert – 70 Overall

Herbert could end up being the big loser of the bunch. A big strong QB with more of raw talent he boasts the highest throw power of the group at 92, however that is where the good news runs out. With the second-worst accuracy stats almost across the board, he is going to be an erratic thrower early on in his tenure. Not great under pressure, you are going to have to be able to protect him well.

This is where not knowing the developments of the players make this evaluation difficult. If Herbert finds himself as a Star I think you might as well use him out in LA as Taylor is not really a better option. If he finds himself Normal development though I am trying to sell him off for something based on his name.

Jalen Hurts – 68 Overall

Now hear me out, Jalen Hurts could be the second-best QB in this class out of the box depending on how you play. If you are looking to use the Ravens playbook then Jalen hurts is your man with an impressive 89 acceleration and 86 speed. Tops in every running move, including a HB like 84 juke move, Hurts will be a dangerous player on the ground. Unfortunately, if you are more of a thrower his 84 throw power and worst of the bunch accuracy ratings are not going to be for you.

This all comes down to how you want to play. If you are an Eagles owner and Wentz fits your style, you will be able to find someone willing to offer a lot for Hurts. With that running skill, I would be looking for a relatively high-end return as he will be a rookie of the year candidate in the right style of offense year one in most user franchises.

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