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A Breakdown of Nintendo Switch Sports Overview Trailer

Nintendo Switch Sports Overview

Nintendo Switch Sports is the next game in the Wii Sports series. Since the game’s announcement last month, Nintendo hasn’t said much about the game besides what sports will be playable and an April release date. Thankfully, the Japan-based company has released a new overview video on everything we can expect from Nintendo Switch Sports.

Welcome to Spocco Square

Similar to Wii Sports Resort’s Wuhu Island, Spocco Square is a multi-sport facility where all six sports activities take place.

Not much is said about the facility itself, but it’s located outside a large city. Hopefully, we will get a little bit more information about the location of Spocco Square when the game releases.

It’s All About The Sports

Of course, the main star in Nintendo Switch Sports is, you guessed it, the sports. Enjoy six sports in Spocco Square; some new and some returning from previous Wii Sports games.


One of the new sports coming to the game is volleyball. Players can enjoy two versus two matchups and serve, set up, and strike their way to victory.

Volleyball will put the connectivity of the Joy-cons to the test, because this sport is all about timing. However, not only will you need good timing, you will need great teamwork; volleyball allows players to play split-screen co-op.


Another new activity is Badminton. Players can enjoy one-on-one rallies and execute drop shots and smash shots to achieve victory.

This sport is different from tennis because the shuttlecock moves slower and is more unpredictable in the air.


Bowling is a returning favorite from Wii Sports. However, you can enhance your experience with new obstacles to bowl through this time around.

Players can bowl straight to the pins to try their luck or put a unique spin on the ball for more precision.


I know in many articles I call this sport ‘football’, but I’ll call it soccer for this particular piece.

Soccer makes its way to Spocco Square and brings along many features. Not only can you kick the ball to score, but you can try out your best Robin Van Persie impression with diving headers.

Player celebrations comfirmed in Nintendo Switch Sports
Player celebrations are confirmed in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Play four versus four matches or one-on-one duels to see what team comes out on top. In addition, you can try your luck in a shoot-out competition with the leg-strap accessory, which is included with the game’s physical edition.


Chambara replaces Sword-play from Wii Sports Resorts. This game has multiple types of swords you can use to battle your opponent.

You need to fight, guard and charge your way to victory by forcing your opponent off the platform.


Like bowling, tennis is a Wii Sports favorite and still looks so fun in Nintendo Switch Sports.

What makes tennis so unique in the series is the physics of the ball and the different types of swings you can execute. Mastering top spins, backhands, and lobs are essential to your success.

Play Together

Nintendo Switch Sports will support up to 4 players locally on one Switch system. In addition, you can play globally in any of the six sports available.

The online mode features a new bowling game called survival bowling. This feature is a bowling battle royal, where players can knock each other out through several rounds to achieve the highest score.

Join the Pro League and Climb The Ranks

Taking your talents online could land you in the Pro League with any particular sport. This league starts you out as an E-rank and winning matches helps you achieve the highest rank possible.

Customize Your Sports Mate

Similar to Nintendo Wii’s Mii characters, you can customize your own sports mate to take on the competition in Spocco Square. Players will also have the chance to port their Mii characters to Nintendo Switch Sports.

From what the trailer shows, there are many different clothing items to complete your distinct style. However, playing online will gain you points that can be used to purchase in-game cosmetic items.

Join the fun in Spocco Square when Nintendo Switch Sports releases on April 29. If you want to pre-order the game now, you can do so by checking out the Nintendo eShop.

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