Feb 26, 2021
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Announcing the MLB The Show 16 All-Star Tournament

MLB The Show 16 All-Star Tournament

SGO is sponsoring their first ever MLB The Show 16 All-Star Tournament, including some of the best players online. It will be a 32 team single elimination tourney and seedings are done by Diamond Dynasty Rating. Games will be played on Legend difficulty. Top 3 finishers will receive a PSN Card or gift card of their choosing.

Rules: Each team has to have an 82 overall or lower team after IE boosts and no created players are allowed with no restrictions on card tiers or types. A maximum number of bunts are set to 2 per game for position players.

When: May 26th to May 29th throughout the days. Individual time will be posted later once
everyone finds a time they can play their games.

Who: We hand picked 32 of the best players and streamers/youtubers to participate. If you’d
like to participate in future tournaments please contact @Cardinalbird5 on Twitter.

Where: All games will be livestreamed on twitch.tv/cardinalbird5 with commentary, guest
appearances, and call-ins.

The MLB The Show 16 All-Star Tournament is sponsored by Sports Gamers Online, Daddyleagues, and ScoreSpace. Make sure to check out all three websites for sports gaming info and more!

We may also be doing random giveaways to viewers, so make sure to stop by Memorial Day
weekend and watch some of the best players on twitch and talk baseball!

Bracket: https://challonge.com/CB5_

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