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MLB The Show 16: New Franchise Mode Features

mlb the show 16 player morale franchise mode

Yesterday MLB The Show 16 developers San Diego Studio hosted a franchise mode centered stream showcasing some new features and improvements of the mode. This is information in addition to what was revealed on Tuesday.

A huge improvement in MLB The Show 16 franchise mode is player morale. Each player has seven factors to determine their morale: team role, contract, coaching, region, team performance, individual performance, and injury. For players where certain requirements can’t be met, for example a player from outside the US or Canada, for region a players expectation may say “1 compatriot,” where you would then have to bring in another player from their country to satisfy that part of his morale.

An important thing to be aware of is good or bad morale does not affect physical stats. Things like arm strength, speed, and velocity will not be effected by morale. Morale can however affect mental stats, such as contact, power and accuracy. Managing morale is a huge part of franchise mode this year and is something you will have to get good at to build a successful team.

Stat tracking is another huge improvement to MLB The Show 16 as a whole, as well as specifically in franchise mode. Stats for a player’s entire career can now accessed in any mode. Newer stats such as WAR are now being tracked as well, which take into account which position a player is. All of these stats will be kept track of for every game mode, so these changes are not just limited to franchise mode.

In franchise mode you can now be fired as a coach of one team, and rehired by another. You can be fired if you do not meet your owner’s requirements. So even if you are doing a great job as a general manager and have a great GM rating, you could still be fired if you do not meet the goals set out for you by your owner at the beginning of each year.

This makes your franchise more of an experience for you as a general manager, and less about the team you are building up. If you do not consistently meet the goals set out for you, you can be fired and lose that team you worked so hard to make great again. So be careful of missing goals, because losing your job in franchise mode is all too real this year.

As showed in previous videos, MLB The Show 16 is now using the 20/80 scale for scouting. This is what real scouts use when scouting players in the real world. Each attribute is given a rating in that range, and makes scouting in franchise mode much more realistic. This is not a franchise specific change, but it does have a big effect on franchise mode since as the general manager you will be the one scouting these players.

The franchise mode interface is also upgraded and it is much more user friendly. It makes moving from one section of franchise mode to another much smoother. Year to year saves are back again, but you cannot skip years. So you can transfer save files from 14 to 15 to 16, but not straight from 14 to 16.

Throughout the rest of the month there will be many streams leading up to the March 29th release date. You can find the full schedule below.

MLB The Show 16 Blog and Twitch Schedule

We hope you found this video and article helpful, and remember to check back next week for more. Drop us a comment below to let us know what you think about the changes made to franchise mode this year.

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