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MLB The Show 21 – Fielding Q&A

San Diego Studios has been sticking to a pretty rigid reveal schedule for MLB The Show 21. On Thursdays, it releases a bigger trailer focused on a specific feature of the upcoming game. On Tuesdays, to fill the weekly gap, it uploads a Q&A video answering community questions about a topic. Last night, another Q&A video went live, where Sony Interactive Brand Strategist Ramone Russell and MLB The Show 21’s puppet star, Coach, fielded questions about fielding in MLB The Show 21. 

MLB The Show 21: Fielding Questions, Answered

The biggest answer to most questions is “we’re revamping it.” Russell says fielding is San Diego Studios’ biggest area of focus for gameplay. Of course, Russell doesn’t get too specific. “Outfield catches at the wall, jump catches at the wall,” Russell says, “it’s all been revamped.” The Show 21 will also feature a revamped fielding onboarding suite, to help make it easier for new users. Home Run Robbing, as an exception, will work the same as before in MLB The Show 21, but will feature new art to make it more intuitive.

MLB The Show 21 will feature “hundreds” of new fielding animations. San Diego Studios has also added new jump and dive indicators to help make jump and dive catches easier.

The vibes of these videos are strange. Credit where it’s due, these question and answer videos are more interesting than if it were just one developer reading a list of changes, even if Coach’s deadpan voice ruins the mood.

San Diego Studios’ next big feature trailer premieres this Thursday, March 18. The next video will laser focus on fielding, as a follow-up to today’s short informational video. MLB The Show 21 launches on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 20.

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