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MLB: The Show Possibly Heading to PC in 2022

A new job posting for QA Testers on the MLB The Show hints the former PlayStation exclusive may soon be making its way to PC some time in 2022.

MLB: The Show Could Be Coming to PC

Like other former PlayStation exclusive, Sony could be letting the trademark baseball franchise see a PC launch. Early in 2021, MLB: The Show lost its exclusivity when it landed on Xbox via the Game Pass platform. With Microsoft seemingly committed to bridging the gap between its console and PC markets, its likely the franchise will launch on PC as well.

A recent job posting seems to support this as well. The studio aims to hire Quality Assurance (QA) testers specifically for MLB The Show. The position requests applicants knowledgeable in Baseball as well as MLB: The Show specifically. Within requirements reads a line specifying applicants must:

  • have “basic to intermediate understanding of networking setup and hardware, as well as how its principles and components apply to modern console, PC, and mobile gaming/functionality.”

The important note is the mentions of PC and mobile. It’s possible they may simply want a flexible hire for various projects. However, given the focus on MLB: The Show, and knowledge of the game and sports, its more likely the studio is preparing for a PC launch. The network and mobile requirements could mean online or mobile companion apps as well.

Not long ago, such an idea may have been unheard of. However, with recent other big name Sony exclusives embracing the PC platform, it stands to reason many others will too.

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1 day ago

If it comes to PC, it needs to be heavy on simulation and stats. The gameplay itself on the 2K product hasn’t been good. But I, along with many sports fans I’ve talked to over the years agree that IF The Show combined with OOTP Baseball, you’d have the ultimate baseball game. Imagine being able to play with ANY of the players from decades past.