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Out Of The Park Baseball 18 Predicts 2017 MLB Playoffs

OOTP 18 Out of the Park Baseball 18

Article by Matthew Sherdan

In conjunction with MLB Network, Out Of The Park Baseball 18 revealed its MLB playoff predictions on MLB Tonight, and that game made some fairly bold predictions in its simulation of this year’s postseason.

After 1,000 simulations, OOTP 18 has the Astros defeating the Cubs in seven games to win the franchise’s first ever World Series title.

How did OOTP finally get to that conclusion? First, the game has the Yankees beating the Twins in tonight’s Wild Card Game by a score of 6-5. Next, OOTP 18 has the Diamondbacks over the Rockies in a score of 10-7 with both clubs hitting three home runs each.

In the Divisional Series, OOTP 18 has the Indians over the Yankees in four games, and the Astros over the Red Sox with this series going the full five games. In the National League, OOTP 18 boldly predicts the Diamondbacks over the Dodgers in four, and the Cubs over the Nationals in four.

This sets us up for the Indians vs. Astros in the ALCS, and the Cubs vs. Diamondbacks in the NLCS. OOTP 18 predicts both series will end in five games with both the Cubs and Astros advancing to the World Series. They predict the Astros’ George Springer will win ALCS MVP with 3 HR and 6 RBI, and the Cubs’ Jose Quintana will win the NLCS MVP with a 2-0 record and a 0.59 ERA.

We’ll have to see how OOTP 18’s predictions play out as the MLB playoffs get started later this evening October 3, 2017 as the Yankees take on the Twins.

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