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Major Addition in NBA Live 18 Title Update 1.08

NBA Live 18

EA Sports has just made another NBA Live 18 update available to download on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Depending on who you ask, update 1.08 is definitely long over due. The excitement surrounding the latest patch involves the way NBA Live 18 gamers can now freely edit players and rosters.

This update comes as somewhat of a surprise to most NBA Live 18 users as it came right on the heels of another big title update and patch.

Just this past week, EA Sports released NBA Live 18’s update 1.07 and with it several important fixes plus a couple of new gaming options. Both 3-v-3 and 5-v-5 games were added to the Live Run match options in the last update patch. New gaming options and match set-ups are always great. The newly released update 1.08, though, gives NBA Live enthusiasts the ability to fully edit and customize their favorite NBA players’ ratings and measurements.

NBA Live 18 Update 1.08
image taken from Twitter @NBALiveOfficial

Update 1.08 does also include some very minor bug fixes and game improvements, but the big news here is EA Sports finally bestowing upon their loyal fan base the ability to customize and edit their favorite NBA players and rosters as they see fit.

Don’t like Kyrie’s 3-point rating? You can go change that rating to a number you find more suitable. While you’re at it, you’re also welcome to modify his height, weight, and change out any of his accessories you might not care for. For many fans of the newest NBA Live title, the fact that they couldn’t manually change ratings and attributes even if they wanted to just didn’t sit well with them.

NBA Live Update 1.08
image taken from Twitter @NBALiveOfficial

Sure, there will always be those NBA fans and overall sports gaming purists who scoff at the idea of jacking up a players ratings to make them nearly unstoppable. On the other hand, there’s always going to be room to improve at least a few of your key players’ ratings.

You can also see here that it’s clear many NBA Live enthusiasts are already having a bit of fun with their newfound powers of total control. James Harden from China, anyone?

Harden’s new home country aside, you don’t have to go to the extremes just because you can. Maybe you’re into helping your players and rosters out a little by giving particular players a boost in certain categories such as their mid-range, pull up shooting abilities.

Perhaps you’re innocently moving LeBron’s height up an inch or two as to better equip him with the measurements that are needed to defend big guys down low.

Regardless of your preferences, it’s certainly hard to believe that NBA Live 18 users were, until today, denied basic gaming freedoms such as editing player ratings, measurements, and general attributes.

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