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NBA 2K16 Tutorials: Warriors Freelance Offense

NBA 2K16 Tutorials Warriors Klay Thompson

Welcome to another edition of breaking down an NBA 2K freelance offense.  Today we are going to be talking about how to run the Warriors Freelance.

To begin, choose the Warriors Freelance and make sure you have 4 perimeter players with a stretch PF or a SF playing the PF position.

Initiation Spots

Now we are going to talk about the initiation locations.  View the image below to get a look at all of the spots on the court.  You can also get “split” actions out of the post from your 4 or 5.  These are initiated by passing to your low post.


Top of the Key with a PG, SG, SF: If you go to the top of the key with a PG, SG, or a SF you will get a wing player (the 4 or 5) to set an on ball screen for you and to begin a Pick and Roll action.  This is very basic albeit very useful.

Top of the Key with a PF/C:  The side away from the low post will do a pindown to the corner wing.  Now a dynamic read will occur:

1) A backdoor action from the opposite will occur then you swing the ball to the top and that same wing will pop up after the backdoor.

2) Or a quickscreen could occur to the opposite side for a wing to pop up to the top.  Then either a PnR action will occur or a pinch post action will occur.  A pinch post means one of your bigs will get the ball at the high post and your guard will cut through or come to your big for a handoff.  If you hold the ball you will get more off ball screen actions.

Wing: You will pass the ball to a big and it then you will get a branching option:

1) You can pass right back to the wing who initiated the offense and the opposite wing will get a quick screen then followed by a PnR or a pinch post action.

2) This is a dynamic read.

I) One option will be for another quick screen set for the opposite wing (similar to branch 1) and then will do either a pinch post action, flex action or PnR action.  So this is a dynamic read w/in a dynamic read w/in a branching option.

II) However, the other option will be when you swing the ball to the opposite wing, the wing who started the offense will cut through and go to the strongside baseline and then your high post player will screen for the opposite corner.  Now there are two more branches within this branch:

  1. A) If you pass to the guard coming to the top of they off a screen you will go into either a pinch post action or the guard will cut through and then your weakside wing in the corner will get a double pindown to come up to the top.
  2. B) If you pass to the corner then you will get a PnR action in the corner with your teammates on the other side of the floor.

Corner with PG, SG, or SF: Your wing will dribble out and pass to the top of the key.  Then you get two branches.  The guy who dribbled out of the corner will screen the guy in the corner to come up for a shot or you can pass to the other side, which will initiate a quick screen to the opposite wing followed by an entry pass to the high post.  This is my least favorite indication spot as there are limited actions, but it still is a nice way to mix things up.

Low Post with the PF/C: This is where the split action can occur.  Your big at the top will screen to the strong side wing.  He can either flash to the top off a flare screen or go backdoor.  The screener will then move to whatever space is available, either a flash to the basket or he will fade out for a kick out three.

Dynamic Reads

There are several dynamic reads that the AI will make for you.  You will see pinch post action, PnR’s, backdoors, and flex actions.  It is all based off personnel, spacing, and how the defense is playing you.

Good luck and remember to take your fastbreak points, use manual PnRs, and subscribe to my Youtube for more NBA 2K16 Tips and Tutorials!


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