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NBA 2K15 Tips: Lock Down Team D + Low Post Moves Tutorial

Struggling on Defense? Having shooting droughts on Offense? Here are two systems that can help you improve on both sides of the ball ^_^ Hopefully these NBA 2K15 Tips will improve your play and make 2K15 a more enjoyable experience.

The Grindhouse Offense
The majority of 2K15 users rely heavily on a “three or drive” offense. Such an attack style is sound; however, being overly dependent on it can make an offense predictable and easy to defend. Worse, thanks to “shot fatigue”, scoring droughts can happen often when players overuse a shot-heavy system such as this. To overcome these issues, we must add a team oriented “in-between” attack to our arsenal; step in the Sam Pham Grindhouse Offense. Instead of valuing three pointers and drives, the Grindhouse Offense focuses on creating scoring opportunities out of the PnF (Pick and Fade) and passing the ball into the elbows. The ultimate goal here is to generate space for deadly Hi-Low action between “skilled” bigs.

Creative post players such as the Gasol brothers, Tim Duncan, and Bogut can take over a game with this system. Take a look at the video above to see the Grindhouse Offense in action and explained further in depth. Also included in the video as a bonus, there’s a tutorial on my advanced NAPP Defensive System. My defensive system is based off of Tom Thibodeau’s “Strongside Overload” defense.

I will feature more of my NBA 2K15 Tips here at Sports Gamers Online so please share and comment below if you enjoyed it!

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