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NBA 2K16 Money Plays: Motion Cross Offensive Scheme

NBA 2K16 Money Plays Golden State Curry

Welcome to another edition of NBA 2K16 offensive tutorials! Today I will be talking about the Orlando Magic playbook and how to implement NBA 2K16 Money Plays into your scheme!
These are the money plays out of this playbook!

To set them up, simply go to gameplan – assign plays and make sure you have PnR Ball Handler, PnR Point, and 3 PT set as your priorities with your respective players. For example, you can use all three of these on Curry but you may want to just have 3 PT set for Klay Thompson.

Main Plays:

FIST 41 CROSS – A PnR/PnF on the wing with your 2 or 3. This is great for a 5 out offensive and having guys like Draymond Green at the 5. The 2 and 3 will exchange places before the PnR and the 5 will be on the weakside corner.

FIST 15 CROSS – Your ball handler will be the one coming off a screen for a either a shot or another PnR. There are 4 different ways to initiate this offense with 3 resulting in the same result. First, your guards will exchange spots at the corner and weakside wing. You can then pass directly to your center to swing the ball. You can wait for for the guard to cut through and pop out to the corner. You can hand off or pass directly to him.

If you choose to keep the hand off, you will go into a PnR immediately. If you choose any of the other 3 options, your ball handler will cut through and come off a down screen at the opposite wing for a shot or a PNR. Your center can either hand it off or pass directly to the ball handler coming off the double screen. This involves a lot of options and movement, but it is fairly easy to memorize.

FLOPPY 74 QUICK – This play will get you wide open for a mid-range or 3 point shot. It is a simple off ball curl screen with 3 screeners for one of your shooters.

FLOPPY 3 RIP – The ball handler will be coming off a triple screen, similar to FLOPPY 74 QUICK. However, the ball handler dekes like he will be setting the screen for one of the wings and then he goes off a triple screen. If nothing is there then there will be a PnR opportunity and your opposite wing will pop out for a skip pass.

FIST 19 – This is a Horns base with your 2 bigs setting double on ball screens. This is just a money PnR play where you have tons of options.

FIST 53 QUICK – This a PNR action that will have 2 passes or 1 pass/handoff before a PnR initiates with a shooter. This can be also utilized with a 5 out offense.
Lastly, make sure you run manual pick and rolls, flushes/backdoors, isolations, and take your points in the fastbreak. This scheme works best with 4 out offenses like Pace, Warriors, Hawks, 4-1 out, etc. This will conclude our Magic PB scheme tutorial. Be sure to try out these NBA 2K16 Money Plays and let us know how they worked for you in the comments below or on social media!

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