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NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips: Every Domination Pack!

Since the birth of domination in NBA 2K14, it has progressively gotten more difficult to beat every year. In 2K14, the big question of this new mode was “Is it worth it to beat?” Back then, I would say not. Gold players were as rare as ever, the games were almost impossible to beat at times, there was no auction house to make a decent profit off some players, and it was an overall headache knowing you were likely not going to get anything of worth in the reward pack anyway.

In 2K15, Domination made huge strides:
Gold players were more common, the worthy silvers were sellable on the auction house to make MT for the purchase of better players, and reaching the point count for the three stars was realistic every game.

Now in NBA 2K16, Domination is better than ever. Reason being – it is EXTREMELY beatable and there is almost no way one could say “you can’t make a good team without paying money.” If you are having trouble, there are many guides out there to help you fly through the mode easier; you may check out mine which has proven quite successful for many other people. In the first 5 games alone, you already have chances to pull 2 of the best gold players currently in the game (Kobe and Melo), and if you are willing to put in the effort, it is very realistic to build a respectable starting squad in MyTEAM. If you have any more doubts, be sure to check out my video showing the players I got from every Domination player pack. Check SGO daily for NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips and also subscribe to my Youtube channel for more help and follow me on twitter @TheSurrealAndre!

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