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NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips: Hidden Gems – Patrick Ewing


Nowadays, many games have geared towards a “pay to win” mindset and sports games are arguably the highest on the list. Almost every sports game now has some form of an “Ultimate Team” mode: the idea of putting together a team of the best or your most favorite players, and seeing how they match up against other people’s fantasy teams. However, most of the best players aren’t even attainable unless you choose to spend your own money to try and get them, and even then there is only a slight chance you will. This is where the term “Hidden Gem” originates from. A gem, sleeper player that plays just as well as, if not better than, the higher overall cards in the game – at a fraction of the price. Today we break down Rookie of the Year Patrick Ewing.

Patrick Ewing (ROTY)

HT: 7’0″

WT: 240 Lbs.

Overall: 82

Average price: 7,000 – 10,000

Strengths: Post go-to, consistent mid-range jumpshot, strong finisher

Weaknesses: Mediocre defender, below average rebounder

How to use effectively: Patrick Ewing has the best post fadeaway in the game next to Dirk Nowitzki. Most people are under the misconception that if you feed a player and they miss, they’re bad. However, the center position is one that thrives off playing WITHOUT the ball alot of the time. Pick and roll, offensive rebounds to putbacks, mid range jumpshots (if applicable), and post-ups are the way to go. Patrick provides all of that, especially in the post. All you need to know about how to use this card is call for a pick, if nothing is there, post up and fade away. Buckets. He is one of the few centers  in the game that can be a go-to scorer, take advantage of this and abuse the opposition. His only shortcomings are on the rebounding side of things. This is the rookie of the year card after all, so Patrick was not the player we all know him to be as of yet. He can hold his own defensively, the name value of Patrick Ewing still gets him a few good blocks even with a mediocre rating of 75. All in all, ROTY Patrick is a steal at this price just because of how good he still is. Don’t let the few shortcomings fool you, this card may as well be a 90 overall.

Avoid: Forcing it to him in the P&R, Getting jumpshot happy

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