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NBA 2K16 Patch 1.02 Released: Addresses ProAm and Various Issues


The NBA 2K16 Patch 1.02 has been released on PS4 and PC,  Microsoft’s approval is still coming but hopefully it will be released in coming week. The 2K dev team are working hard on the next patch which will be even larger in scope. We have listed the patch notes below.


– Resolved a rare case where the game would hang when entering/exiting the Tattoo editor when customizing the tattoos on your MyPLAYER.

– Addressed an issue on the main menu where the title would freeze for a period of time before proceeding to the selected action (e.g. loading a MyCAREER save).

– Tuned player sweat so that its effects are much more visible when playing longer quarter lengths.

– Players will no longer slide/skate when pressing the block button during an inbound state.  It was funny while it lasted.

– Tuned crowd excitement and intensity on made buzzer beaters.

– Resolved a case where certain players (e.g. Kristaps Porzingis) would have their hairstyle change slightly when zooming in the camera very close in replay.



– Pro-Am Team Play has been added to the game!  You can now play as a full team in your custom-built arenas.

– Addressed a number of matchmaking issues that inhibited users from playing in Pro-Am Walk-On games.

– Fixed an issue where your player would sometimes appear with the incorrect height (if you had more than one MyCAREER save file) when entering MyPARK/Pro-Am from within MyCAREER.

– Fixed a rare case where the ball would get stuck in the High Roller courts, thus preventing a game from concluding.

– Improved voice chat support in both MyPARK and 2K Pro-Am.

– Improved the animation of the skateboard in MyPARK.  If you don’t have this, get it.  You can move between courts faster than those that are on-foot!

– 2K Beats will now continue to play after finishing a game in MyPARK.



– Fixed an issue where some users were unable to join their friends’ MyCOURTs.

– Fixed an issue where the host user was unable to send MyCOURT invites after leaving MyPARK/Pro-Am with a squad.

– Addressed a number of issues with Accolades not unlocking at the appropriate time within MyCAREER.

– Pressing the back button will no longer cause the game to hang from the MyCAREER NEXT menu after being eliminated from the playoffs.



– Numerous tuning and code enhancements to improve simulated player stats.

– Playoff games (within a series) can no longer be played out of order in MyLEAGUE Online.

– Found and fixed a case where visiting certain submenus with no head coach would cause the game to hang.

– Fans of relocated/rebranded teams will no longer hold up signs referencing the previous identity of the team.

– Fixed a rare hang that could occur when the ticker referenced a previous game result where all of the players on the team have since been traded.

– Selecting to load a custom draft class will no longer cause a game hang in the MyGM offseason if you had previously been fired during that same offseason.


NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves.

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