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NBA 2K16 Tips: Flex Freelance Offense


The Flex offense has been around the game for quite some time now. In NBA 2K16, they finally gave us a freelance version of Flex! This is a great play to use when you have a balanced team, you want to make your opponents work on defense, or you want to slow the game down and get easy looks!

Before we get into the offenses main options, let’s discuss how to initiate the offense.

1. Hit left on the D-pad while on offense
2. Hit R1/RB to go to offenses
3. Choose Flex
4. Choose Patient for offensive Tempo on you POE’s.
5. Make sure you have full play art on.

Now you are ready to go! POE’s do not really matter besides the patience tempo, so I’d
recommend leaving everything else alone.
To initiate the offense:
1) You can bring the ball with anyone! It does not have to bring the PG. Simply dribble the ball
to the left or right at the top of the key and the action should begin.
2) The other guard will either come up for the initial pass or the opposite player on the key will
screen the corner man.

1) Look for the initial baseline cutter (should be your SF) for the easy bucket.
2) Hold the ball if not there and the opposite elbow should down screen to continue the offense.
3)If no shot or drive on the downscreen….rinse and repeat until you get an open look or
4) If nothing else is working, call for a quick post up, isolation, or pick and roll!

That is the Flex offense in a nutshell. It is really simple after you practice for a game or two! Remember if playing online, take advantage and counteract your opponent’s defensive gameplan. If they want to overplay and are giving you fastbreaks…then take it! If you want to slow the game down to frustrate your opponent…that is an option as well! Enjoy!

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