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NBA 2K16 Training Camp: Tips for How to be Great at NBA 2K

Year to year basic tips don’t usually carry over well for NBA 2K because of gameplay changes. However, advance level tips are golden; they will always help you get a leg up on the competition during launch week. In the three videos below, I am going to show you how you can build a perfect offense recipe for any team on 2K (I will use the Bulls as example). I can guarantee you not only will these tips work now on 2K15; they will also help you immensely when you put in 2K16 for the first time in September.

Team Building

To find success in 2K you need to play to your chosen team’s strength. On the offensive end you will need to find a playbook that best suits your squad’s stars. Secondly, you are going to need a freelance offense that works well with the specific lineups you have on the floor. In the first video you will see how I go about this process of “offensive ingredient creation”. Trying to find the right plays and system for your team, to me, is the most beautiful part about 2K.

Helping Your Offense Reach its Potential

Once you have figured out your go to plays and freelance, the next step is to study the opposing team to find weak points. In the 2nd video, you will see me using the Bulls vs the Warriors and how I attack Draymond Green in the post (the weak point), with Pau Gasol. My offense found a lot of success attacking Draymond because I had done the necessary preparation in video 1. My Bulls weren’t simply posting on Draymond every possession; such a simple strategy wouldn’t yield much success on HOF SIM or skilled users. I actually attacked them with decoy initial action via Rose/Butler, and then had Gasol post ups hidden in secondary action. Check out the video for details.



Avoiding Droughts

With your offense built and your starters attacking the other team’s weaknesses relentlessly, your last obstacle to overcome is to make sure your bench don’t undo all the hard work you put in. Shot fatigue is a REAL variable in 2K, you just can’t ride the same lineup for 48 minutes straight. In the third and final video, I will teach you how to manage your rotations properly so you don’t lose a beat on offense. The key is to have “continuity”, the lineups you put in must be able to play in the same system you’ve been using to start the game. Most importantly don’t be afraid to have hybrid lineups where starters are mixed in with bench guys. Maintaining the integrity of the offensive system, always overrides separating starters and bench players into two independent units. Check out the video for details and how to create such hybrid lineups to avoid droughts.

Hopefully these advanced tips have been helpful to you, remember I created these in mind so you can use them in NBA 2K16 first thing when you start the game. This is Sam Pham checking out, I will see you again next time ^_^


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