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NBA 2K17: League Expansion Cities

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Forbes has uncovered new details about the MyGM and MyLeague modes in NBA 2K17.

We already knew that players would be able to expand the league from 30 to 36 teams in MyGM and MyLeague mode. However, Forbes has learned the nicknames and cities associated with the new stock expansion teams available:

  • Nashville Stars
  • Pittsburgh Force
  • Kansas City Knights
  • Virginia Storm
  • Vancouver Ravens
  • San Diego Surf
  • Cincinnati Lions
  • Baltimore Barons
  • Louisville Liberty
  • Louis Sound

Some of these nicknames have connections to existing sports franchises, while others are simply made up. All of these franchises have primary and secondary logos, along with full audio support.

If the logos or nicknames that represent these expansion cities aren’t your cup of tea, it’s possible to use these cities with custom logos and designs.

In addition to expansion, players can re-brand and relocate current teams, realigning the league in the process. Players are provided with custom logos, uniform designs, and arenas to reshape the NBA in their image.

It would be really cool to have historic teams like the Seattle SuperSonics or the Vancouver Grizzlies included, but it’s tough to say what copyright laws would have been at stake to bring those former franchises into the game. Regardless, it looks like players will be able to recreate their favorite ex-franchises with the custom tools at hand.

Stay tuned to SGO for all things NBA 2K17.

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