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NBA 2K17 Will Feature 2016 USA Men’s National Team

We guessed that NBA 2K17 would feature the 2016 U.S. Men’s National Team based on the Paul George cover, which features George in a USA jersey. However, we didn’t know for sure until today when 2K Sports announced that the Olympic team would officially be in NBA 2K17. It’s not just the players, coach Mike Krzyzewski will also be featured in the game.

“Coach K will appear on the sidelines coaching the 2016 USA Basketball Men’s National Team in NBA 2K17. His likeness will also be found in a revamped tutorial mode focusing on teaching fundamental basketball strategies including pick and roll execution, proper defensive positioning, ball movement, boxing out, court awareness and more.”

NBA 2K17 Mike KrzyzewskiSo far, 2K has also released the Australian Men’s National team.

The 1992 Dream Team will also be featured in the game with the full roster, including Charles Barkley. Players who pre-order the game will get the Dream Team and a USAB MyPlayer jersey. We’re not sure if this means that ’92 will be locked from players that don’t pre-order.

It’s not clear what modes the International teams will be featured in. Will it be a tournament mode? Quick play? Unfortunately, 2K hasn’t said.

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