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NBA 2K18 AI Improvements Blog Released

Today, 2K released another blog detailing all the A.I. improvements we should expect to see in NBA 2K18. Below you can find the key details from the official blog.

NBA 2K18 AI Improvements

  • Ace System has been overhauled from the ground up. This year, NBA 2K18 is going back to the fundamentals.
  • Improved changes in positioning for off ball players. This allows them to play even further off the terrible shooters, opposed to playing everybody the same.
  • The computer AI will now have the ability to recognize a familiar play sets. AI opponents will now adapt on the fly to play spamming or “cheesing.”
  • Iso defense can now be adjusted. It’s dependent on where the player caught the ball and whose guarding him. Players like Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons’s Iso from the wing won’t be played the same.
  • Elite defenders will make their presence known off the ball with quicker reactions and steals.
  • Players will now need to be facing the ball to make a play/read. There will be no more intercepting passes when the defenders back is turned.
  • New double team animations for the pick & roll and post ups have been added.
  • Zone defense can now be called in Pro AM. So, your grade won’t take a hit anymore.
  • 2K has added a host of team-specific schemes
  • The computer will adjust their pick and roll coverage below the free throw line.
  • If you’re caught in a switch and have a big player suddenly on a perimeter player, the AI will adjust accordingly.
  • Defenders will be a lot more aware of off ball cutters and screeners slipping to the paint early.
  • Help defenders’ angles and rotations have been improved and updated.
  • Depending on the team, your using/playing the help and rotations will be geared to stop those specific players.
  • If you activate the defensive communication setting, you’ll get a notification above your player’s head telling you what you should be doing on defense in real time.
  • The Pick and Roll has been overhauled. The set up now takes in account the size of defenders, screeners and adds additional contextual animations and cues to aid your success.

What do you guys think of the improvements? Are you excited or are you more wait and see? Leave it in the comments down below!

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