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NBA 2K18 Launch Tournament!

nba1k18 launch tournament

Hope you’re enjoying the launch of NBA 2K18! We had a great series of tournaments last year partnering with the NBA 2K Reddit and Players’ Lounge and we are going to continue that this year.

NBA 2K Reddit is the biggest community for anything and everything related to NBA2K! Our community of helpful users are an excellent source for help and advice.

Players’ Lounge is a social gaming platform that hosts tournaments and leagues with cash and prizes. They’ve been featured on ESPN, are sponsored by EA Sports, and have the CEO of Take-Two Interactive (GTA, NBA2K, etc.) as their lead advisor-investor.

Registration and Details

  • Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One
  • Entry is FREE. No deposit in account required. If you have an issue with Facebook sign-up, let us know below and we can help!
  • To enter players will need to SIGN UP at Players Lounge and also be subscribed to r/NBA2K BEFORE the tournament. Winners who are not subscribed to r/NBA2K before the tournament will be disqualified.
  • New to Players’ Lounge? Use promo code “rNBA2k” when you sign-up to get $2.50 for free AND get an extra 25% on any money you deposit into your account.

Start Time

  • The tournament will start Saturday, September 30th at 2:00 PM EST.
  • Players must check in within 30 minutes of the tournament starting or they will be removed. (Check in between 1:30 PM and 1:59 PM EST)
  • Each tournament match has a window of 60 minutes to be played.
  • Rounds 1-4 will be played on September 30th. The remaining rounds will be played on October 1st starting at 2:00 PM EST.


  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $50
  • 3rd/4th Place: $20 (Amazon Gift Card)

Bracket and Matchups

  • The bracket will be randomly generated at the start of the tournament.
  • The player who will be the Home Team will be randomly decided when each match is created.

Quarter Length

  • 6 minute quarters

Team Selection

  • Current NBA teams only, no Warriors (could be changed)


  • Superstar

Reporting Scores

  • After each match, both players report the scores to the site; if discrepancies occur, players will need to provide photo or video evidence. Players’ Lounge will decide who wins based on the evidence provided.

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