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NBA LIVE 16 Title Update #1 Released


The first update for NBA Live 16 has been released which contains many bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Checkout the details below:


  • General stability improvements to correct desync.
  • Hoop Dome objective unlock update.
  • Fixed issue where users aren’t given certain achievements in Summer Circuit.
  • Addressed Matchmaking issue where users were unable to find opponent in H2H.
  • Addressed general functionality issues.
  • View Skills adjustment in LIVE Run to match actual Skill Levels.
  • Addressed issue where player avatars are not showing up in the lobbies when users join a Pro-AM lobby.


  • Addressed softlock when trying to play Tip Off after accessing Playbooks.


  • Modify stepback gather inputs to avoid conflict with spin gather
  • Enabled pump fakes on inside shots
  • Fix for AI not completing up and under sequence
  • General emotion tuning for more variety
  • Handoff indicator tuning
  • Animation adjustments to backdown and denial catches
  • Corrected incorrect defensive indicator colors to display during gameplay
  • Addressed warp animation issues when entering the post
  • Corrected Foul shot toward wrong basket
  • Adjusted AI when trying to play and up and under sequence
  • Adjusted fallback layup animation frequency
  • Fix Euro Step, pro hop gather when facing basket


  • Addressed online achievements now being awarded properly
  • Addressed issue where User does not enter Online H2H when accepting an Online H2H invitation


  • Stability improvements when entering / exiting modes
  • Addressed Game Invitation issue where they weren’t being properly displayed
  • Tattoo Shop UI updates
  • Addressed Crowd Audio during gameplay in Big Moments

Check out the NBA LIVE 16 Launch Update here!

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