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NBA Live 19 Introduces New Icon System

NBA Live 19

Following the EA Play Live Press Conference, so much information on NBA Live 19 has hit the surface. Perhaps most importantly, there’s a host of new features and modes available to play this September 7. One feature they’ve been proud to unveil is the new Icon System.


NBA Live 19 is creating a more authentic system to progress and improve your players to make them both realistic and effective. The Icon System is meant to provide gamers with more strategic options for play while progressing to be The One. The experience promises to fully customizable.

NBA Live 19 also allows you to switch your game up to mimic some of the greats. The new system incorporates the skills, abilities, and personalities of current and retired stars. During the game, you’ll follow Icon Paths to acquire unique abilities, upgrades, boosts and exclusive gear. With the paths come some need to know terminology:

  • Icon Ability: Exclusive gameplay boost that can only be experienced by equipping the Icon.
  • Icon Skill: A particular Skill that is only available within a Playstyle by equipping the Icon
  • Icon Boosts: Rating boosts, which are specific to an Icon.
  • Icon Unlocks: Animation, gear, and boosts that are only unlocked by playing with an Icon.
  • Icon Path: A Leveling path that includes all upgrades and unlockable items.
  • Icon Ability Upgrades: Found on the Icon Path, these are three decisions to signify how you want to upgrade your Icon Ability.

While there are still some adjustments, traits and skills have for the most part remained the same. All of it and much more works together to allow you to progress with rewarding outcomes. EA is tight lipped about the full list of available Icon Paths. However, you can expect to see the Slasher, Wing Shooter and Rim Protector playstyles. Be sure to check out the full list of details from EA.

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